Roller Blinds

We are Mandurah’s Roller and Holland blind experts

Roller blinds work by attaching a single sheet of blind material to a rolling rod mechanism within the window frame. The blinds are manoeuvred up and down through a ‘pulley system’ gathering the material on to the rod in the form of a roll.

Roller blinds are sophisticated and practical in design on any sized windows. We have an extensive range of fabrics and designs serving different functions like block-outs, light filtering and screening. Pelmets also work with holland blinds, hide the mechanism with a beautifully decorated padded pelmet.

Whether it is operated manually or by means of a remote, the roller blind can be adjusted to any height so you have complete control of the light level in the room.

Roller blind unique selected fabrics offers the highest combination of light and heat control, privacy and outside viewing. Most holland blinds come in neutral tones but the colour, finishing and design can be customised to your specifications.

The actual rolling mechanism also comes in a variety of materials, largely plastic or aluminium, the choice is yours depending on your home or office environment.

One of the many benefits of roller blinds is its energy efficiency. Depending on which fabric option you choose, you can keep heat out (lessening the need for an air-conditioner) or the blinds can absorb heat during winter which lessens the need for a heater.

The user-friendly operation and functionality of roller blinds allows for you to control your environment.

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