Roman Blinds

Roman blinds along with vertical fabric blinds was always the traditional, go to choice for blinds in the home and office. Similar to the roller blind, roman blinds consist of pieces of fabric that work with a mechanism that pulls the fabric up allowing it to fold horizontally.

Roman blinds are a blend of textures and fabrics, presenting precise lines while still regulating light into a room.

The Classic blind Option

We at Kings Window Solutions are able to marry the classical roman blind look and feel with modern fabric and contemporary design. The new non-stitch groove system is subtle and improves the aesthetic of the blind as there are no visible stitch lines running across the fabric giving it a seamless, fresh look. This can also be achieved by using a motorised option. Motorised roman blinds can be connected to high-quality remote system at the home or office.

Heat transmittance is prevented (again dependent on the choice) with Roman blinds as the tight woven fabric blocks out warmth or absorbs it for ultimate energy performance.

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