Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds work by using a pulling mechanism to adjust the degree of horizontal strips or panels to either let in or block out sunlight.

These types of blinds are often referred to as the equivalent of a light dimmer. The functionality is a great benefit as you can regulate the amount of heat and light in your room by simply tilting the blinds in the opposite direction.

Venetian blinds are perfect for preventing glares on a television or computer screen and can also be used to create a different ambience with sunrises or sunsets. Our team at Kings Window Solutions can give you a range of options for the bedroom, kitchen or even the outdoor patio. If you need to see the view, these blinds can raise entirely leaving your window completely clear.

The design of venetian blinds adds dimension to your room. It can be created in beautiful styles and finishes such as wood and aluminium and they are extremely durable. The style is very contemporary and comes in an array of colours from funky hues to sophisticated tones and beautiful metallic finishes.

We make made-to-measure venetian blinds which can be cut according to the size of your window. Venetian blinds can also be cut to fit special window shapes such as arched or circular.

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