Wooden Blinds

The wooden blind is the trendy new kid on the block. Although there are not a wide range of styles and design, wood options come in various colours and grain finishes.

Wooden blinds can be used in an ultra-chic home to change up the textures and it can blend in with a classic traditional interior. There is a certain richness associated with wooden blinds, you can choose from lighter camel-coloured tones to warm, darker burgundy-coloured panels. The freedom of customisation is still there in the choice of stain colour and wood grain and fabric tapes.

Natural wood can be treated and used which is a very popular option or you can opt for fine quality polymer which is great for Perth’s hot weather conditions.

Wood blinds are coated to protect them from extended sunlight and harsh weather conditions. This option is one of the most durable out of all the types of blinds which is due to the strength capabilities of wood.

Most often, wooden blinds are used in the venetian style so you have the benefits of great functionality, light control and also motorised options.

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